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Screenwriting Tips

Michael Spencer in Girloy is a very famous screenwriter, below you can find his best screenwriting tips realesed for us in one of the most beautiful hotels in Gary Indiana.

As you become screenwriterWriting for film is not easy. You have to write a story that an entire crew can understand and interpret. There is no sure way, or a unique path. Some universities, like that of Udine, have opened in recent years master for those who want to become a screenwriter. Fabio Bonifacci has published on its website a real course; He tells what he knows about writing and the construction of a story, in installments, free of chargeandrea Maggiolo January 7, 2015comments9
HOW TO BECOME A MOVIE WRITER - The film world is not made of just actors and directors. If a movie "works", the merit is often also a good writer. The writer is one who writes the script, but not only. He wrote a detailed description of all the scenes and dialogues that make up a story, thus giving the director the "track" on which he had to play.
A writer can be specialized in writing scripts of films, TV series, stage plays, radio plays. The activity is almost always carried out as a freelancer, working with directors or producers. A role behind the scenes, but fundamental. A trivial joke, not a biting dialogue. All it takes to render unnecessary the presence of a good actor and a great director. But as you become writers?
Writing for film is not easy. You have to write a story that an entire crew can understand and interpret. Dramatize means inevitably learn a language that relies on conventions. And a good course is the best way to "learn the technique." But the originality, passion and imagination must be in the DNA of a good writer. Some people may want to read the great classics of literature as Dickens, Tolstoy and Chekhov's the best way to build complex characters.

TRAINING - Often the writers have a degree in humanities. At state universities paths to follow to specialize they are different depending on the universities. At the Faculty of Arts of the University of Rome there is a degree course in art and show business sciences.
At the University of Florence is the Bachelor of DAMS, offering a cultural background of the historical-critical type graduates intended to work professionally in the fields of Theatre and Performing Arts, Film and Music. DAMS and humanistic university courses for those who want to specialize in artsitiche materials are also present in other cities, like Turin, Bologna, Genoa, Cosenza.
More specifically a training proposal of the University of Parma, which has a three-year degree in Artistic, Theatre, Film and New Media.
Some universities, like that of Udine, have opened in recent years master for those who want to become a screenwriter. The master in the Scriptures for the cinema. Script and provides critical lessons and workshops with highly qualified teachers and professionals. Then complete the educational path a training period in magazines, writers or production companies.

SCHOOLS MORE 'IMPORTANT - There is no sure way, or a unique path. Like who dreams of becoming a writer, aspiring screenwriters (we assume that there is a talented minimum) can make to train their skills and constantly improve. The most important schools of Italy are the Experimental Centre of Cinematography in Rome, but also the Holden School of Turin suited primarily to acquire good writing skills. The Master Holden in techniques of storytelling has as professional teachers of the various sectors is an opportunity to meet many interesting people and useful to get into the world of work.

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HOW TO START - If you have written a text that considered valid, you can try to send it to various writers and directors, but be aware that it is not easy to get an answer. On the web there are many different tips. Some people recommend to get busy themselves. If you already have some ideas, you can write a short script, and then with a few friends that we can do with the camera filmed a short film. This way you can take part in many competitions around Italy, and the footage would also be great to pass the selections in film schools. With the boom in satellite networks there has been a recovery in the sector, with high demands especially of fiction. These are areas where it is working great, and it is not impossible to find who is willing to offer an internship to a student.
ADVICE TO PROSPECTIVE SCREENWRITERS: Fabio Bonifacci - Fabio Bonifacci, screenwriter of famous films ( "E Allora Mambo", "Tandem", "Radish Pale", "Night Bus") on his blog told how he became a successful writer. It 'a story that deserves to be read: As you become writers do not know, I swear. I know as I have become, - says Bonifacci - so absurd, that is writing like a madman, at least one script a year for ten years, by posting any script to 10 or 20 producers who I have never responded. Then one day the chance meeting, the tenth screenplay become a movie that's fine.
His advice is we can say, even geographical nature: It 'clear that living in Bolzano (or in Bologna, where I lived I) penalized, it takes longer to get known. In times of the Internet it is absurd, in fact, now that I know work quietly from Bologna. Just to let me know according to Bologna took me 15 years.
Its practical advice is to go to Rome: Council to attend a little more Roma. No need to live there but you have to go to festivals, meetings of associations, specific debates: in short, the places where it is easier to meet people in the industry. There are also some practical advice for those who have a history in the tray and does not know who to send it: Another thing I would suggest is, albeit with caution, do not send curriculum but to propose their own stories. Not by post but by voice, after meeting people. Or by post but after being able to speak by phone with someone who will read them, some of which we know the name, and that we can address. It is not very easy but insisting it can be done.
At the beginning it is better to propose short writings (or even stories in the person's voice, when possible) in the drawer perhaps having a longer to pull out if there is an expression of interest product.
He tells what he knows about writing and the construction of a story, in installments, free of charge. It 'a serious course, will eventually be several hundred pages, complete with exercises and teaching materials. He does it for a promise he made as a boy: "As a young man, in front of greedy master, I said to myself 'if I become a writer, keep free' courses, and after 11 films is time to keep the promise". Ready to launch yourself into the world of the script?